Alright here comes a shining light

There’s a train on this track loaded with dunno mite no I mean dynomite thats alright, blame the slip up on auto type

writing with digital ink i type on the train

back to the essence can’t be like every one else with a presence like this no sentence exists like this period,
a time table line that says it’s about that time to get off the mic or pick it up like a picket sign and parade around the streets with a megaphone screaming

what do we want?
What do ya got?

I got a hungry crowd screaming at the walls, wanting education before the sky falls,

we want more schools, we want less malls,

we want to succeed with or without weed, see I dont need it but y’all stay weeded putting down poems instead of picking up pieces, cause instead of blood stained streets and more teens in the cemetery we need more art like Basquiat and Shephard Ferry,

we need more art and poetry in art galleries because I know many like me who ink bleeds through each artery
And words flow through our systems like our matriculated prisons, man which got me thinking…

hows people supposed to change when we’re locked up in chains, and when we use our brains were considered strange

ostracized for using our minds, laughed at by a crowd of clowns who act more like mimes, cause they laugh at you but freeze up at an open mic

I don’t know I just know I’m not average
Rhyming avalanche stopping my thoughts only after sex and a sandwich