On a Wednesday morning , stuck on the train

I think about last night, saw Mac Lethal at the Middle East

Dudes a beast
With a rapid release like Benadryl, and the crazy part, is with all the technique
Mac stays humble
Went up to the merchant table man to give a hand shake
Mac from Kansas City signed my Oddball hat with a sharpie, Would have liked to talk a bit about music and shit
But there was a drunk kid hovering around copping free mix tapes,
pushing up on me
I just wanted Sab to get a chance to meet the MC that she listened to since The first mix tape, now she’s got every CD

Knew all his rhymes, shes a bigger fan than me
So she got to say what’s up
Got a smile and a picture
And it was a good night

Now currently, the t is slow as shit
And I’m late for work

But anyway it was a

Good time, if you haven’t heard of Mac Lethal

check this cats discography

A mix of anguish and harmony
Therapy for gangstas

And damn I’m done with this one 8 06 I’m supposed to be at my desk at 8

Now I gotta run

Man, I wish every day was a Saturday