Here I go with an awful first sentence and a sickness

either the pen I ink with or the mind I think with usually drips down too quick,

get motion sickness take a breath

with my rhythm wish list goes a drum beat drumming a beat to get the witnesses eyes wide open, heart beat thumping

for the opiates in the ink ,my rhyme book is day tripping, the records skipped with the mental ticks like rubber soul my mind expands

taking the pills to the pillars, wines in the cellar friend call me monte cristo
Writing butter rhymes call me crisco make this shit easy call me Metamucil

Lettuce begin cause salad days is

I’m a minor threat staring at a wall , your back two couplets trying to figure out how to spell Metamucil

Well my eyes are dilated just like my people’s, my eyes are open but see through , cause I can see through the bullshit, toro toro!

I see red like Bradley said in a duet with Gwen,

singing sweetly at Paul’s Boutique acting all Beastie

Rest in rhyme MCA and I hope you rest peaceful all up there with Jam Master Jay, and Guru, kicking the rhyme and keeping it old school,

leaving behind a legacy and a
Place in hip hop history

damn I started this with the words awe full and now i flipped it your full of awe,
some words to part with
try and not start shit
Words are weapons I use only to spar with
And if you got the gift
Use your words to uplift with

rhymes is like living life, write every day of your life and you’ll be full
If not of words and words and books and books but also with the knowledge
and know how that your mind works
And works, and for escritors
It dont stop till the heart stops
But they’ll remember the verse
if you let the beat dropppp

poets unite

Dedicated to MCA