Photography © Jaime Diaz Martinez


Care Again

So much chaos,
So much irrationality,
Almost as if a switch was thrown,
Shutting off any shred of common sense
Even in the most logical of minds.
People who’ve thrived on doing what is right,
What is morally justified,
Have abandoned their dogmatism;
Like a parent to an unwanted child,
They ditch their principles,
The lessons they’ve acquired through years of experience,
Simply because it is easier to do so
Than live under the stress of making the
Difficult but necessary decisions,
Especially during these times,
Where what is right and wrong
Is the difference between succumbing to natural causes,
Or falling victim to something that could have been prevented.
It feels like time is running out,
But whatever remains is still enough
To reopen the heart
To the guidelines that have navigated one
Through the ups and downs of life.
Whether one is or isn’t aware,
One continues to exist because of those rules,
And they will get one through the new mutatio


Robert Salcido is a third-year university student at Cal Poly Pomona. He enjoys enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and painting, with a focus on dark poetry.

Jaime Diaz Martinez is originally from Los Angeles, California. He has been residing in Paris for over 30 years. AFter many years of seeing so many photo opportunities passing, he decided to pick up his camera from storage some years back and from that day on the camera has been held over his left shoulder ready to come across fleeting or ephemeral street scenes. For Martinez Being able to photograph Paris streets is a unique opportunity, a city with fifty shades of grey or just heaven.