Photography © Linda Matthews-Denham


Pictures, more than Words

Yesterday evening someone died in a car crash
it’s raining today because of that;
on concrete, doesn’t soften anything.
Can you hear ambulance wails over the sound of
funk again?

Sine* a light through my gullet doc
  and you’ll see intestine walls lined with fishes
I drew as a kid. Fishes, yeah. Plural.
  Tried to warn them about war, doc.
Nobody listened.
I’ve felt love to be a grimy, dirty thing
 Like something shiny fell inside a gutter
Oh I know gutters, still.

  I know where things of curse float,

and that people
  like pictures more than words.


Rajosik Mitra: Always high (on life ^_^ ). Loves playing football but hates watching it on TV. Didn’t watch the World Cup last year. Thinks Ronaldinho is G.O.A.T. Learned how to drive from videogames. Can’t do a flip. Doesn’t have pets. Current favorite band: Manchester Orchestra. Has never, never ever been nominated for Pushcart.

Linda Matthews-Denham lives in the countryside along the Thames River in Berkshire, England. Her passion is photography, photo restoration and art history of Paris. She also works very closely with many British authors restoring images for publication.