What is the end
if there is no starting shot?

What race
are you running?

What is a winna
that does not win?

I am of the sun,
of the moon.

I am of
the people.

I am of the furniture
in the room.

I am of
the dust.

I am of
the musical notes.

We play in tune.
I am of the soul.

I am
of the soul.

I sing autotune
to the moon

the mushroom,

the needle
and the spoon.

I am the consumer,
the consumed.

I am
the evil man

in the
medicine cabinet.

I am
the evil man

in the
congressional cabinet.

I am that
nasty habit

you can’t
get rid of.

is that.

But when you
infiltrate my zoom,

my head
shakes and nods.

I am better
than I was.

I feel like
I can exist

in a world that shits
on my existence.

I can make it through.
I don’t know why,

but with you
For some reason,

I see
through all.

The spectacle,
the mirror

is clear when
I look through.

My shadow has
grown fat and old.

Thin it out,
glitter to gold.

Running the race,
marathonic moronic,

drinking gin
and tonics,

waiting for
the comet,

waiting for the world
to explode.

waiting for you
to come home.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His third book, Train of Thought 2: Almost Home is available now at the Oddball Book Store.