Ecological Abstract Art on Covid 19 Theme” © Amefralb Ecoheal


Don’t question the lips
that wilt the tongue
licking wetness in the mouth

the mystery of delight
prophesy of the birth
by salty swallowing

make new parables
with face mask surviving
one more gospel

Ram Krishna Singh has been wiriting poetry,including haiku and tanka, for over four decades. Until 2015, he was Professor of English at IIT-ISM in Dhanbad. He has published 46 books, including the poetry collections God Too Awaits Light (2017), Growing Within/Desăvârşire lăuntrică (English/Romanian, 2017), There’s No Paradise and Other Selected Poems Tanka & Haiku (2019), and Tainted With Prayers/Contaminado con oraciones (English/Spanish, 2019).

Amefralb Ecoheal is an ecological artist living in South Boston “Before Covid time, I had been selected to exhibit my work at the Public Library Branch of South Boston for years, inside the ‘Artist of the Month’ Window. The theme of Covid 19 has intrigued my canvas with ideas, reflections and abstracting configurations.”