Artwork © PT Russell


Cotton is the fabric of our lives

Make time to intentionally honor
your ancestors for the path they paved

The cotton picker
Sees day to day
how their hands
Bleed and their
eyes tear.

The cotton picker
tilling the soil and
planting the seeds,
their days long and
painful, but they keep working hard.

The cotton picker
thinks how could
something so white
be so awful. Black
hands tired but can’t stop picking.

The cotton picker
Prays a change going to
come and their free will,
will be restored before the
Whip or the heat kills them.


Navah The Buddaphliii still strives to overcome the challenges of being a mother of five, poet, and author; to find the balance between raising a family, spending quality time with her life partner, father of her children. She is determined to continue being a slayer of stanzas and a provider for her family. Releasing her first book in 2021 called Black Cocaine and Colorless Butterflies.

PT Russell is a Bahamian Creative based in Toronto, Ontario. She was awarded an Honorable Mention from L.Ron Hubbard’s, Writers of the Future contest for her first short story “Orev.” Flash Fiction from PT has appeared in Montreal Writes Literary Magazine,The Orono Times and Lolwe Magazine. She misses attending live theater but makes up for it by performing “SNL” skits with Canadian Geese.