Christmas Wars Banner © TJ Edson


December 30

The year’s remnant ends blow and skid
Across patchwork days
Tattered and reduced to shadows
Of shopworn hopes, fulfilled and unfulfilled.

Soon enough bells will toll, horns will wind
Kisses and cheers erupt
To acclaim the glittering new year
With its shimmering golconda visions
Of sunny days in serried ranks
Like waves breaking against
The summer shore of a sun-bleached sea.

In some not-so-distant era
This fading phoenix year
Will shine again in honey-burnished nostalgia.
Remembrance seasoned with rue
For the bygone loves and snows of yesteryear.

But today it is tomorrows that concern us,
Holding our attention like crackled baubles
Depending from last week’s evergreen,
Soon forever brown and sere.


Mark Levy spent many years writing other people’s copy and editing other people’s words. Now safely launched upon retirement, he is concentrating on writing in his own voice in the COVID-granted writer’s retreat of his home.