Photography © Linda Matthews-Denham


A moment of weakness

She is sitting in her room
Staring not really seeing
Her mind a web of thoughts
She is not bored just deep in thought
Her eyes the windows to the world
Reflecting tears and fears
Her heart so raw… Wounded
Like a doe shot by a hunter
What a blunder
Rivers of emotions overwhelmed by her heartache
Her muscles tired and strained
Her last strength fighting to be retained
Every organ in her body busy drowning
While others is frowning
She is yearning to be acknowledged
Her whole being blemished
Longing to be accepted for who she is
The world such a cruel place
An unfair race what a disgrace
Remembering her worth strength
Flows back into her body
Saying sorry
Apologizing for being weak
It is love what she seek
She is blossoming cause she realizes
She is loved, appreciated, adored and
Accepted with all her flaws
Her Father the Almighty
Is fighting the battle for her
She understands that insecurities
Can be overcome if God is by her side
He does not judge he loves every single one
Of us unconditionally
We are his creation no need for contemplation
His love is an abomination that wipe away frustration
She picked herself up and walk the path
With new born determination
She is who she is His Creation


Fadeelah Abrahams is a single mom of two beautiful daughters.

Linda Matthews-Denham lives in the countryside along the Thames River in Berkshire, England. Her passion is photography, photo restoration and art history of Paris. She also works very closely with many British authors restoring images for publication.