Photography © Karen A. Szklany



My eyes have no sight,
my ears no music.
A heart without light,
a Soul without colors.

My heart leaps like a dogged frog crossing the desert,
loneliness surround.
while you fly by, in concentric rhythm of a songbird,
Never setting your tender feet on the ground.

Come with me on this epic journey of life,
I implore you, mon amour.
the journey will never end,
each mile brighter than before.

I can blossom once again,
and see and hear and feel the pulsating radiance of time,
only if you lend me your hand,
to move through this parched land.


Azer Wang is a free lance thinker, writer and admirer of arts who lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan.

Karen A. Szklany was born in New York and now lives in a New England co-housing community. She is the author of several collections of poetry, gardening books and Unitarian Universalist sermons. Karen also serves as a Life Healing and Transformation Coach on the labyrinth path.