The Junkie’s Sonnet

Come on you bass akwards metal vampire
come spit your everything is everything in my arm.
Because everyone wants that arm chair by the fire
each day to be a day down on the farm.

It won’t last for ever, but why say it?
Like saying a rose in a vase will die.
We eat the peach for the juice, not the pit.
All we want from fruit or flower is that.. high.

So I’ll dance until the longing takes me
Til I wake up eyes dry, un-haunted
service rendered I’ll pay the fee
this is what I asked for, the world I wanted

But what do you do, when you chose a song
you can’t dance to, feet too slow, beats too long


Ezekiel “Zeke” Russell recently released two new poetry chapbooks: One Less Drunk and Room Closed for Private Function. He co-hosts the Slam Center Podcast with Kevin Spak.