Hello Self,

Got pretty drunk last night.
Usually don’t.
Usually don’t take a poke
Usually don’t write a note in french
to my self and everyone else.
Maybe, I got a little too drunk last night
stuttered to some people
probably came off as arrogant
a basket case, or a confidence
can’t tell,
just know that I should slow down.

So today, is my letter to lament
to say, i’m sorry for all the things I said
To say sorry to Lisa for telling her I smoked in her car
or to say, yesterday, i’m sorry for thinking I was a star
and to apologize, to my mind
for being so out of control, yet within complete control
and to say…self, i lament for the stupid things I did
last night

even thought i didn’t do one thing stupid
just revealed a stutter, a problem, a solution
prostituted my poetry, said Hey, come to my website
passed out my cards like they were on fire.

Well, I’m pretty sure I acted like an Ace.
Anyway, to anyone who is reading this
I apologize, to myself and my bloodshot eyes
and the caffeine, and rum and cokes, and the pipe pokes
and the chill folks, i met, and told them the subject
of my distress. Whatever. self

just another jagged thought by Jason