When i sing my songs, i kick back , and chill with the world that doesnt let me belong. But I feel sick like the best record,
because Murs is in the radio. And now in my center

Where I write my mind down after beers and laughs.
i find i am a red spotted giraffe, a world that took back. a life cadillac
and when i hear my heart beating, i feel like i hit a ceiling, burst through the roof, and got a different feeling. dude my heart needs healing, cause hate at all is a sign of weakness. Real people are real people because they write truth. Get me in the booth, but I like this root. I am walking down a path, where I can sing a song, and see peace everywhere. Peaceful words are the right to breathe. Oddball Magazine is the right disease. for me it is , ever since i was a kid. The doctors demonstrated my ability, but what is a world with no identity. I wish, i was one in the world, a cool world, where noone hurt each other. that would be great, but now I sit down.

and think. what a world that has no drafts. every thing was beautiful without maps. What about a world without grammar, cause i can write real good even have a sssssttuuuuta, but when I write like i did last night, and the night before. I want to thank two people science and god. Cause science got me home safe, and Lisa I love is safe in Chicago, love. Love is a beatiful thing, to be really worried about someone, to love in the sense that you miss her because shes gone. And will be so happy to be their tomorrow. Give her a kiss, and say Goddamnit I miss you! LIfe is good for me. And for you. Silence is beautiful, and words melt together. This is freedom, to write crazy, support crazy and live crazy. Yeah. it is kind of difficult and you all won’t understand it, its just my life, i never planned it.

just another jagged thought by Jason.