(I remember when December
was about delivering packages
(to the masses)
things have changed
(no longer seeing through Lennon’s glasses)

Winters cold,
(the sun sets fastest)
Bruises, scrapes, bones are broken,
(join the madness)
Swollen eye, from the MightyMighty
(fists in the air)
listening to
(slight of hand, show me how)
Rolling tongues,
( mental masturbation )
We have all gone numb
(lied to waste, fuck on occasion)
Tickled pink, by the wreckage
(figures cloudy, after breakfast)

-Middle message- (while the western world is wasted)

(to be) in bad taste, (or to give) a fuck)
Masochistic lyrics
(oh my god, laugh out loud)
Whistle while you break (our spirits)

(my sprite is coked out cola)
Our shirts are stains
(wash out stains with baking soda)
Tongue drizzles
(on a Motor oil spinster mistress)

She wanted it more then anyone
(they called her princess, she lived in her own sheltered-prison-kingdom)

The world is an orgy
(and they don’t want me in it)
But not for all, for some are in it
(lover left me still unfinished)

She can’t understand
(who really understands logistics?)

Why do we exist at all?
-Write Poems, Copulate-

We need to change our hearts
-the worlds heating up-

Breathe in toxic sun
(Seasons Greetings Season’s Changings)

Wish I could be anything then
(my existence is deafening)
And before, It stings
(this paint by number nightmare)
Watch the sun come up and release rays so stringent
(angels wake, and heaven sings)

-the soldier, the vagrant, the coffee cup-

(nothing matters, anything helps)

-Ninety-ninety nine- (I can’t face this by myself)

Don’t give a shit this time (still don’t sing in deafening tones)

When I walk down the sidewalk singing
(sticks and stones we just want homes)

(fall by the way side to the worse for weather)

Of the ugly ghosts, in broken forests
(we all remain together)
Singing slightly sophomoric,
(hoping this will get better)

Historic murders in day light
(in pain we all come together)
Witness disaster, special master
(I’m losing it in letters)
Something has hit me much harder
(at darkness it is the worst)
Quicker and faster,
(hopefully light comes first)

Believing in anything that you can see
(whatever it is all dark matter)

when we stop caring spells

D i s a s t e r

Change the world for the better.)


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. He’s been doing this a while.