Lisa when I met you I was lost, and alone.
You saved me from myself. You showed me that
I mattered, that I had meaning.
You opened my eyes to the world around me,
You showed me the world with your laugh and a smile.
You showed me how to live my life, with love.

The last years we have spent together, we have
had ups and downs, laughs and cries,
but together we have faced all challenges—
We have strengthened our bond, with love.

Lisa, as your husband,
I pledge to you myself completely, my soul.
My hands are for you to hold.
Your mind is mine to forever try and understand.
I am here to forever try and make you happy.
I am here to dry your tears–
and to light up your life, with love.

Today we enter a new chapter,
living together as husband and wife.
And all I can say,
I have found my cause and effect,
is to hold you, to be here for you and to protect you.
You can bet,
that I will be your when it gets cold.
And when warmer winds come in,
I will love you completely, faithfully–
until the end, with love.

Lisa, as your husband,
I will be there for you through sickness, and health
through poverty and wealth.
From here to eternity, I wear this ring
I am yours forever and eternally.
My heart is your heart.
Forever, I will hold you
I will always be here for you.
Whatever the future may bring
I pledge my life to you, and promise to bring you
Happiness through the good times
Comfort through the hard times
And Love and Respect all the time,
I pledge this to you,
With Love.


Photography © Chad Parenteau

Photography © Chad Parenteau


Jason Wright was married to Lisa Berube on Saturday, August 31, 2014. The words above were recited that afternoon.