The “3” Tattoo
Jason Wright

I have portraits in my memory
I thought I could always hold on to.
I guess it’s not a single person I am writing to,
but if you have stayed in my life long enough
I am thinking about you.

But for some reason I have these memories,
That go back to when I was just a kid
Andy is one of those memories. Ryan…you’re there too.
His sister Sarah, she grew up to be beautiful…
She believed in me.

Mrs. Todd, she was my teacher in fourth grade.
She believed in me.  She said I could write,
that it was what I was born to do.

Katelyn gave me a book freshmen year in High School
And yeah, then there was Adanna too.
They liked me. They believed in me.

I ran into a kid outside of class, A funny kid.
I Liked him, he was friends with
all my friends
Cool with Meaney.
He became a close friend.
He believed in me.

At one time they all believed in me.

One night, I saw a symbol in a dream I had.
Then I drew it on my clothes, on my desk, and Nick drew it on my
backpack, and I held on to it…

That symbol is still everything I have.
The really funny thing is that all these friendships didn’t last

But the dream I had…still stays like the three tattooed on my back.


© 2013 Jason Wright

My friendships are revolving doors,
just another jagged thought by Jason


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His “Jagged Thoughts” will be an ongoing feature on this site.