Here I am
Outside surrounded
By axe wielding dancers
Some stupid shielders.
Ten seconds till the battle bus
Takes off.
I wait for somewhere between
Tomato Town
And Dusty Depot.
Jumping off the bus
Into the blue sky
Into a mad forest
Into zombified houses
Remnants of an apocalyptic
My skydive
Graceful as ever.
I freefall
As I race to deploy my
I pass over towns
Retail Row.
I am falling onto
A house
Long vacant
Once lively
Now anyone left
Worm food.
I land on the roof.
I axe my way in.
First I find some bandages
(For gunfights and storms).
Then I find a pop shotgun
(For gunfights and storms).
I find a shield potion
(For when I get shot at)
(and I will get shot at).
I ready up my shotgun, gather
More weapons, a revolver, a sub machine gun
And off I am to paint the town


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.