I quit energy drinks today. I drank a decaf coffee at my local teele square cafe. I went to work. And this is what happened.

I walked outside and in the air, there was hope, a kind simple slug of hope
injected in my blood stream, and my dreams, oh my dreams, would make a million.

I talked to your answering machine, it seemed lonely, I typed these words on the computer screen if only, for the reason

that the sentence starts with I, and ends with You, and in it is a little word that sinks stone hearts, and melts matter together.

I slept and woke up, and i walked outside, breathed in the sunshine, and dropped a dime in the payphone to say come back home.

but the line is never perfectly straight, and in it, there was blank spaces, inbetween salutations.

that said come back home, we miss you. and

in this daydreamlife we live, there are only stones to throw and roses to give. and in a word, in an instant

we are once again kids, where the world has no limit