First off, i am a very loud cereal eater. I woke up today and slurped, and crunched my tasty raisinbran crunch, which i gotta say is the loudest cereal. If i can be so bold to say that. Me and Lisa, (my girlfriend) woke up and started the day by me blasting Star Wars, a record I bought at a fine record store (Looney Tunes in Boston) I converted it to my IPOD, and wow. we were awake. Something about that loud galaxy sound, really starts your day better then a cup of coffee.

Fast forward: We decided to got to a farmers slash flea market in the south end. It wasn’t bad, there was alot of art, jewelery, and even some vintage records. Vintage isn’t really the word. I mean if Violent Femmes is a vintage record then my beatles records were before the bible. Anyway. So we go to this place, and there are some great shirts, cameras, all old stuff. My friend Nick would of loved this one vendor, he was selling antique model trains. Nick is an old friend of mine, and I will never forget when he punched me in the face for messing with his train set. Anyway. If there was one kid I could punch in the face in my whole life, it wouldnt be him. And believe me there are alot of people I would like to punch in the face, I mean just starting with the people I work with, the list goes on and on. And if you include customers, there would be a whole lot of faces punched.

Where was I? So me being the good boyfriend bought lisa this radical necklace with a record on it. And she returned the favor by buying me a cool tee shirt with an owl on it with headphones on. I decided I would buy lunch. So, we get into the car, and Lisa wants to go to some diner she heard about on the phantom gourmet. Instead, I saw a place, it looked good, and we went in.

I should have known, first off it was next to a homeless shelter, so the clientele was fitting for this place. It was a run down convenience store, with a deli. The place is called the Bostonian Market. I thought to myself, Bostonian Market, sounds authentic. We should go. So we go in. and the atmosphere is really not there. But we decide hey, Boarheads signs, that means they got good meat. I order the Thanksgiving special, and a cup of clam chowder, Lisa orders a reuben. If you dont know what a reuben is its a hot cornbeef sandwich with melted swiss, thousand island dressing, and coldslaw. O.K, so we get our food, and I begin to notice the guy next to us coughing like every ten seconds. Here the guy is in a middle of a cafe, slash convenience store, coughing out his lungs out, while scratching a two dollar bingo ticket. Coughing, with no regard for the people eating right next to him. It was gross, I wanted to yell, Hey, Swine Flu, take it someplace else. So we get our food, and this is what it is. I get a thanksgiving sub probably since thanksgiving. Crushed bread, a little cranberry sauce, two or three slices of turkey, and stuffing. It was disgusting. Lisa’s was even worse, hers was wo slabs of cornbeef, thick slices of swiss, a crushed sub roll, loaded with thousand island dressing.
Not hot. No rye, No coleslaw. Man, I was pissed. I told the guy after words when he charged us 23 dollars for the whole meal, that this place was the worst place I had ever eaten at and Swine Flu guy was coughing the whole time, the subs sucked, the soups sucked. Basically, I told him that the whole meal sucked. He gave me a free ticket for a free lunch. I guess I know where I am going for lunch.

By that time, it was 3:30 and I had to work at four. We got lost, and then I went to work. Work really sucked today. I’ll tell you about it some other time. I wrote down the main ideas for tomorrows blog. Here they are. One I made fun of detroit to a couple from detroit. 2, I got 11. 37 on 88 because the lady rounded up to 100$ She did not understand the idea, that I should have gotten atleast 17 or what we like to call in the business 15 percent. And also there was a minute where I used the word retard to the wrong person. I’ll let you know more about it later.

Don’t be fooled Bostonian Market is not Boston Market, and if you go in there tell Swine Flu he can have my free lunch.

Just another Jagged Thought by Jason.