I love you,
Deeper than the roots of mankind
Stretching back to when I love you was shown with actions
My heart explodes like landmines
A site for sore eyes making each beat burst with passion
Beauty I couldn’t find the words to describe
Outlining the girl of my dreams and I’d still come up short
Like a shooting star that was just a blur in the sky
The supernova that took my world by force
Your smile would lighten up the angriest of souls
Making my worst days disappear when I look at you
Rewriting the greatest romance story to ever be told
Shakespeare would be taking notes if he was still here to
I love you with the vigor of an activist
Standing up against the masses with no fear
No roses could equal out to my happiness
I’d scream from the highest mountain for the world to hear
I love you like there’s no tomorrow
To get the most out of our love today
I drink from your bottle
To help chase the pain away
Perfection in an angel that must have fallen from heaven
There is no way you could’ve been created on earth
Love is still adoring the little imperfections
And growing stronger when times get worse
When we kiss its like I touch the lips of a goddess
Holding the only one Aphrodite would be jealous of
Undressed, your naked body is flawless
But its what lies beneath the skin that has me in love
Even the most stunning looks will fade over time
But a loving and compassionate heart will last forever
I’m happy that you are more than just my Valentine
Sharing this paradise of life together
I love you.