Digital space to let the page play with each word like a submarine plays with missiles

Each word is a fistful of roses, sound sealed and delivered like each word is a letter to the aliens of tomorrow

Not extraterrestrial i mean born here on earth in a world where murder is seldom heard

And angels play strings
Like kittens
And poets put down the sickest lines
Before putting up a torch
A candle or a flame

All burns on both ends and ends the same
A perfect world

Clouds of smoke, stamped out like a roach of a spliff or the ones where we live

Doesn’t make a difference
We need more wisdom
Less prisons

We need a society that grows teaches the seeds the wisdom it needs to rise up from the weeds that grow around our knees, that pull us down when we try to succeed

Tabula rosa that’s what I’m needing
Instead of lyrics with no reason
I need a little something that makes sense to me

something that can be understood in 2070

But I’m not blind although its easy to be
I am just different

Something’s that doesn’t matter to you
Means a lot to me

Like bipolar art and poetry
Disillusioned artists illuminate through art

Poetry might spell poverty for you that may be your point of view
But for me it is and will always be with me

Like the pills I take to sleep and the cigarettes I use to breathe

Poetry is the grave ad the reason for me

That make art make
Something lasting,

My poetry each painful page
Each hopeful glance to a future I might never see

Or the present I see so clearly that it’s scary

Things need to change

Things just stay the same
Poetry is my only empathy