Across TV and radio waves

an alarm rings over Massachusetts,

a great hoopla is unfolding,

a summer WARNING,

a fear of great white sharks

in east coastal waters.

A child asks if the sharks are fleeing

North, away from the B.P blunder

It makes one wonder.

Oh, and how dangerous are they?

Okay, on a rare occasion

a shark might bite a human,

but sharks really would rather not.

Wall Street Shark by Jason " poet not the artist" Wright

Shark attacks are so rare, in fact,

they are hardly worth mentioning.

And sharks never attack in interior

waters, nor do they ever bother folks

along the Northern or Southern boarders.

Wall Street sharks are more alarming,

with their toothy grins, their flippant

remarks and insatiable greed?

Wall Street sharks are predators

with advantages, educated and abusive,

predators who practice deceit to get their way,

widening the gap between the haves and

the have-nots which history tells us is never

a good idea. What is being done about them?