I wanted to write to you to express my supreme admiration for the man that you have become.

I want to tell you that you might be nervous, but you will be a great dad.

I want to tell you that Nicole is the best thing that ever happened to you.

I want to tell you that you have grown into a responsible, caring human being.

I want to tell you that i am happy for you.

I want to tell you that this is the hardest poem i have written in a long time

I want to tell you that you are a great brother. And I am blessed to know you.

and even more to call you my brother.

To Nicole

I want tell you that you have made my brother the happiest he has ever been

I want to tell you, that you came into his life for a reason.

I want to tell you that I am proud that you are family

I want to tell you that you are strong, and good hearted

I want to tell you that my whole family loves you

I wanted to tell you that.

To Jay

You are an awesome, well adjusted young man, and I am glad and proud to call you my nephew.

I know you will be a good brother.

To my new nephew:

Hi, I am your uncle, and your mother and father and brother love you. And that you have so much to look forward to.  Your first steps, your first day of school. Your first tooth, and your first laugh. Your first hug, and your first love.  And your first look at the sky above.  Your first time seeing your first shadow, and the laughter, so much laughter, and joy, you will find in your heart and your mind.  Your first word, and your first look at a bird, and the first time you see the sun in your eyes

My new nephew, you are blessed to have parents like you do.  Parents who will keep you safe, and even if you fall, will pick you up, and will always love you.

And what a world to come into, to a world of trees, and seas, and new breath to breathe into.   The air, will seem so fresh, when you take your first steps, and know that and dont ever forget, that life is so precious, and the sky is the limit, and when the rain falls, the sun will dry it, and the world is a gift, you are blessed to be living.

alright, I guess thats all I have to say. To my brother, and his wife,Jay, and the baby on its way.

And oh, there is one more thing.  I will always be there for you, just wanted you to know I was thinking of you, and all the good that you will do. Today or tomorrow, I will see you for the first time, what a sappy rhyme, what a sappy rhyme

Jon, I love you, Nicole your the best, Jay you are a great kid, And Congratulations to you all.  And to my new nephew, I love you

damn. that was a damn difficult piece to write.

just another jagged thought by Jason