In the fall my runaway blames

The Old Foot Bridge, Cambridge Ma.

Cambridge Foot Bridge Courtesy of RubbaBoots Photography © 2010

her hometown church, her mother,
and the color of the sky. She abandons
today’s green kiss for tomorrow’s gold and
becomes a virtuoso in songs of goodbye.

The Lovely Blue Courtesy of RubbaBoots Photography ©2010

In winter I find her heart left for dead
by the side of Cambridge Street and cradle

it home in a velvet box and feed it
oranges and grape leaves hoping it
will give birth to sisters.

When spring comes that box
does not cry for breath, so I donate it
to a bench in the subway.
At home I wind silk thread around
a pile of her pictures hoping for a pearl
I can carry into the surf until
crashing waves pull it from my grip.

It is fall again so I say chants
on the footbridge during full moons
and scatter the torn pieces of this poem
into the wakes of rowboats on the river.

— David Krancher

"Love Letter for Jesus" Courtesy of RubbaBoots Photography © 2010

Beacon Of Light

"Beacon of Light" Courtesy of RubbaBoots Photography © 2010