The Summer it rained all day long       

like a fraudulent card left at the bottom of a purse.

Pursuant to a dream.

A large catalog of ideas.

A slap. Lipped over a wishful case of stimulus.

Bargain basement bins, beget shoppers looking for

the newest highway, or turnaround.

Bridges and Banter. Damp shirts left lying, spread out on the dirt almost


Courtesy of Shabunawaz Photography © 2010

Walking for water.

The summer had rained all day long. Keeping me inside, bored

ignoring TV and myself. I kept a daily wish list, immediately forgettable

by the time I started it all over again. and again.

Courtesy of Shabunawaz Photography © 2010

What a waste of you, but with really no space to rent and an overwrought

dispenser making mesh of what was once less frayed.

Straighten out your sheets, you’ll need them for lying later.

Courtesy of Shabunawaz Photography © 2010