Dropping Science

first off
lets get to the definition
a constitution of illiterate students
a conglomeration of ignorance
can’t find your star in the sky
look inside yourself and ask why
im gonna stop a second
just to mention
that i can rock any audience
win any election
you say were programmed
but I’m my own man
writing rhymes like a statistic assignment
might stump you, but i’m calculating the edge
of the central bridge
making rhymes, is what I did
in high school, to college
writing to gain knowledge
knowledge of self
and knowledge of the earth
since birth, i’ve been live
writing rhymes till the day I die
cause I can rock a microphone
on stage or studio
home alone, or in utero
Yes I can, I can bring you to the moon
with one simple truth
that we are the answer
the positive proof
we need to get together
and stop hating
cause when we die
there’s no celebration
just kicking it in the lab
with my imagination, changing stations
listening to Murs, with the broken headphones
waiting to rise, like a star in the sky
make it on my own
with no one to tell me where i should
sign, I’m gonna sign my name on the train
station walls, man the storm still going strong
sense one, since 2002 and never stopped
writing rhymes, like its my job
cause Im a poet, not an MC
but i can put my bars together flawlessly
I was thinking the other day of a cat I used to work with
fell on some hard times, and kept real with it
where ever this cat, is I know he’ll rise up out of the lies
break into a studio and put down some lines
man, the kid quit after having a kid,
walked out on the job, maybe he quit
but wherever he is, the kid’s rhymes are legit
rhyming like a young MC, with future
the teacher becomes the student
so when time gets tough, you choose
where you go, don’t lose the flow
and keep the crowd jumping
we all got to go some time
can’t just sit, do nothing
So, Yo Justin, keep putting down the Bars
in your red notebook,
you got the recipe, cook it up kid
never let em say your useless
or stupid,
so the science, i just dropped
got caught on the wire
reminiscing of the cat on a smoke break
reciting lines to me
rhyming this kid’s destiny
you got it.
sense one dropping science

don’t knock on the door
kick it in cat.


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  1. Disappointment

    It appears in the lives of
    Kings, princes and paupers
    In leaders, followers and pawns
    But seems more painful in me


    A seasonal event
    Or the weathermen’s report
    Sometimes not as bad a described
    And rarely lasts into tomorrow


    An excuse to indulge an addiction
    Or other means to keep the spirit down
    Do kings, princes and pauper
    have the same answer to this event ?


    Can produce many results
    It weighs you down or lifts you to new heights
    It creates leaders, followers and pawns
    A missed appointment
    Is not a missed opportunity


    Inebriation is a state of mind
    For followers of patterns
    Or pawns of the past
    Leaders however
    store libations for celebrations

    Love Dad

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