The death toll in Haiti was 150,000
here is a story of two who survived

On the day the earthquake hit Haiti,
A young man felt like the water was warmer then usual
the heart beat faster then usual,
the lights brighter then usual,
hopes higher then usual,
His love light was blinding,
His eyes gleamed,
and his heart could have burst with happiness.

On the day the earthquake hit, this young man
was preparing the words over in his head
over in his head, the words, “I know I want to spend
my life with you, I love you, I love you so much”

When the earthquake hit, this young man
was in a crowded store, The earth rumbled
and the buildings around him fell.
Soon the building he was in
turned into his prison,
and while people screamed, and said “why us, God why us”
This young man silently prayed, nothing can destroy our love
And as the buildings fell
the angels began to open up heaven to the unfortunate few,
but this young man knew down in that heap,
of what was a store, and what was a street, That if he could reach out his hand someone would grab that hand, and take him away,

But no one came,

many days passed, and though buried under feet and feet of concrete,
this man believed that if he could reach out his hand someone would reach it,
and he could see the sun again
He knew that he would see her, if he could reach and believe that deep down, under neath the concrete, in the hearts of men, there is strength
and he was determined to see her again

Days passed, Nights were cold
and lights were dim,
but nothing would break him
nothing would break him, he knew she was waiting
He couldn’t move, but he found the strength
to move concrete and foundation away from him
and like a lover does, did not give up for the sake of love

On the fourth night, and into the fifth day,
people began to shout, and he yelled, “Here I am! I am here!
Help me!” And soon others began to lift the concrete away from him,
and he could see the light, and a hand reaching out for him

And it was her, his love, who knew where he was, and never gave up hope because of their love. And in that moment, He gave her a kiss, and said, “I love you so much, the mere thought of you kept me alive…

Will you be with me for the rest of my life?”

That is the power of the human heart, in great tragedy, we come together, and show our humanity, like the young man who kept up hope, knowing
that love keeps us strong

even when we think hope is gone.

someone will always be there to pull us out of the darkness.

Hope for Haiti

Just another Jagged Thought by Jason