First off, I’m wearing a Queers shirt, and I never thought it to be offensive.
Second off, wearing a Dead Kennedy’s shirt in Boston would be a bad idea.
Further More wearing A Ted Kennedy’s shirt would be even worse.
What’s the deal with people using “like” all the time, that really bothers me.

so lets talk about my day today, first off I had three tables, one was a table of two who ordered two cups of soup, and left me a dollar. Whats with that, that really bothers me.

The other day this family came in and prayed for ten minutes while I held a ceasar and two baskets of bread in my hand. No consideration. None.

that same day, i worked a double and there was this family who insisted on calling me by my name, ordered me around, and then all I asked them to do was write a survey about me and they said sure. they lied folks, they lied. Not only did they leave me broken crayons and kids dough. but also a 11 percent tip.

Last night, that being the same day as this double, there was this group that didn’t speak english too well. And the guy said I’ll Have Z Stella artois. I said what? And he said Stella Artois with z bottle. That really bugged me too. They left me seven dollars on 63 and took the survey.

side note. theres this kid that wants me to bring in the picture to work, but it might just cause me even more bad luck then i already have.

Yeah, thats about it.

People who order soup and request free salad should be permitted from eating establisments….atleast mine

just another jagged thought from jason