First off this album is amazing. Great lyrics, profound, and good beats.   It has everything that a good album needs, except of course the Oddball Seal of Approval.  Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, takes everything that makes music good, and makes it better. Driving beats, thoughtful lyrics, and guest stars like Nas and Black Thought from the Roots, make this a must have for any Reggae and Hip-Hop fan.   Seriously good stuff.

Check out There For You and In 2 Deep, but serously this is a chill cd.  If you can find it on vinyl get it. And don’t download it, buy it.   I don’t get stealing music, movies makes sense, but music, is perishable, when you download music from independent record labels, you may be digging the music, but your also digging a hole in the ground for the label. Anyway, back to my point, this shit is good.

This is one of the best reggae/hip-hop cd’s i have heard in a long time, I got it in a mix with Madvillain, the flaming lips, and STP, a weird mix, but still a good one.  The title song off the Album, Welcome to Jamrock, bumps, the lyrics are chill in your ear, and the samples keep the shit going, its great.   See me, I don’t blaze up but if you did, you would probably would enjoy this.  But if your like me, and just like music, and don’t smoke the senseamilia, it still sounds good.

Definitely respect for this album, Jamaican flavor, nice…keeps your head bopping

Welcome to JamRock gets the ODDBALL SEAL OF APPROVAL…

just another jagged thought by Jason.