So I wait right? its not an amazing life, but its what an English Major from Umass who got his BA does. Its cool, but here are some stories from my work. First off, made 17 dollars at lunch today. I work at a joint where i am required to encourage survey taking. So regardless of how I am doing, I have to encourage the patron to write a survey about me. Now I have enough problems dealing with people as it is. I try my best, but it seems like it’s not enough, but that’s o.k. Anyway a couple of suits came into work today, and they were not interested in me, or the specials, or even a friendly hello. I guess when you are working at a place like mine, people assume you are some kind of failure in life, and that’s why you work lunch shifts. At night, maybe people understand, but during the day, they have an idea about you. This idea is that you are a failure. But that’s o.k

Maybe they think your a stoner, or a loner, or a broke asshole. What they don’t know is I am a writer, and I can intellectually blog about each experience I have with them. So, that was today. I had three tables, one was a really nice guy with a retarded son, and I was genuinely nice to them. The suits, fake nice. The other table was a table that used a coupon, that took five dollars off the bill, and then with a whopping 24 dollar check, they decided to tip me 10 percent, FML. Anyway, I am writing now this in my apartment listening to MadVillain. Still unemployed, still waiting, and of course still blogging.

people at restaurants shouldn’t breast feed in public, or breastfeed all you want, just tip me atleast 15 percent…just another jagged thought by jason