Well, my story of my life has changed from this day on. I am not going to suffer through my life, complaining why me, because I have mental illness. People need to learn to deal with it. And people with mental illness need to realize that its not their fault. Sounds cheesy like a Good Will Hunting reference, but this is true. I am sick and tired of having to always say to my mind, that today will be ok. You know what? F that, my mind is my mind is my mind. Those who suffer from mental illness, like Bi-polar, SchitzoEffective, OCD, or thought broadcasting syndrome. Yes that is a real thing. No one can no longer sit tied down by their illness. We should be proud of who we are. Each thought, each voice, all this confusion, is not our fault. We, the mentally ill, need to realize that this life is our only life, and their is no longer reason to be ashamed. Speak up. Me, I’m PschitzoEffective, I can say it, may not spell it right, but that’s what I am. So you know what, people who don’t have any problems mentally, may not understand that.
And I ‘ll tell you another thing, I am a waiter, you know how difficult it is to maintain normalcy, in a world that doesn’t understand? That’s why us people with mental illness, we need to learn to stand tall. Man the storm, ya know what I mean?

So from this day forward I will no longer be ashamed to be Skitzo Effective, I will no longer be ashamed and guard my thoughts. I am as sane as anyone else. And you know what people with mental illness helped build this society we live in, and what do we do now? Stigma, Self-loathing, patronization, we treat our mentally ill like second hand citizens. Mental Illness effects us all, tell me you don’t know someone who suffers. And if you don’t your a lier. It is time for a mental health alliance. Mental Health effects all, whatever color, sexual orientation, brown eyes, blue hair, doesn’t matter, us the people with mental illness, we need to form a foundation, stop the stigma, feel better for once, we need to band together. Be proud of what god gave us.

Stop Stigma Now!

just another jagged thought by jason