Editors Note:  I just want to say that I am delighted to feature Andrew Borne again.  I think his poetry always surprises me, and I appreciate his work, and am honored to know him as a person, a friend, and a brilliant poet.   Please enjoy Andrew Borne’s Behind that Curtain

Behind That Curtain by Andrew Borne

I don’t know why
But there is a man I let stay
In my imagination
He stepped out of a comic book
Or the future, or another dimension
He’s 7 foot tall
And eats canned fish and other sea life
No one else knows he’s here
He hides in sunshine
And door frames
Always silent
With a bare blue face
And a mile of hair
Always watching me
Never says anything to me
Never sleeps
Always pacing around in there
For somebody or something
He talks to someone else sometimes
In the mornings
When I’m still asleep
Sort of waking
I hear him talking about cameras
And navigational equipment
I hear him playing with switches and dials
Sound effects
I can’t see who he’s talking too
But I assume they are watching too
It scares me
My heart rushes