By Erin Lynne Burns

Serendipity courtesy of Julianna Murphy © 2011

A mixed bag of mixed nuts-

hermetically sealed in synthetic polymer bags of post-post constructionist super structures.

.200,000 years of bending and fucking bastardizations


Bastard descendants


Superimposed kings on her father’s side:

A, Jewish, Scottish, Irish, Iroquois, Polish, Swedish, French, Kenyan, Chinese, Canadian princess is entitled to recompense…

— (one would think)                                             That deserves restitution;

that we all deserve restitution because something happened to someone other  than me in some other time that wasn’t mine or yours or ours because the time has been gone long ago and we should forgo all our notions of injustice and misdeeds…




modern archetype of  primordial skeletons who danced with colonial-imposed tribalness.

Who humped

Who bumped…

Who grinded hips and teeth…

We live on government bread and cheese

And live in a mosaic of trailer parks, Disney castles and mansions on the sea…

All the while on our knees

sucking cock and praying to a god

or a saint

or a goat

or a tree


Don’t let me be a country-poor Catholic wearing a hijab and a bikini

Don’t let me think irrational thoughts while performing rational acts of dissection and introspection and chemical testing all the while poisoning my body with aspartame

and an ass-fucking disease.

We are the products of the bi-products

-a bacterial process-

That masks itself under the moniker of…



courtesy of google images © 2011