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When I look into your eyes

I can see pain, misfortune

like the train of your mind

has taken a turn out of rotation

like if life is divided up into portions

100 % is pain

the other devoted to potions.

And if life can be divided into sunshine

happiness, and heart warming

then the life you lead can change without


Either gifted or cursed, we all take it to the end,

either hospital or hearse

but… and this I say smiling

we all can change our path

whether winding or divided

right or misguided.

The truth is happiness isn’t a warm gun

its when you love and are loved by someone

and we can all feel that at once in our lives.

To die without love in your life is the saddest

thing at all,

We all  have someone

and even if you don’t you have your heart and

you have your soul.

And there you find love.

if your soul is gold….mine may be bronze

or rust colored, but i trust that god will bring sunshine

to my summer, and if it is told

that the soul can speak to millions

through pages of written words

stories, poems and songs,

then there is a chance that those with noone

will get to sing along,

and if they can’t

well maybe they can dance

and learn to sing their own

redemption song.