well today i lost my mind
big time, couldn’t read or write,
couldn’t stand up and unite, my mind with
the legit quickness, I usually write with,
dealt with death today kid,
the death of my old mind
the new world, I never saw.
peace on the planet. The moon
get me there soon,
hows next afternoon,
sure sounds good, can your bend a spoon?
my mind is a medium, and science has it
been down for so long, got my chance
im gonna grab it.
cause science hit me strong today, and God was right there too
science was telling me here i am, and God telling me what to do
I was crazy on the microphone mind
and in truth would like to apologize
cause i never meant for this to be my mind.
so unite in my head, if you fly blues and red, unite
if your a crazy gangsta with a stabbing mind unite
if your some broke kid, who cant afford shit, unite
if you got more then a dollar in your pocket unite
cause we all live in the same dream world

cause if your stronger then you think, unite
if your watching what you drink, unite
if you keep your head on unite
if you aint bashing fists together, unite
if your crazy on the microphone, unite
if your mind says your nothing, unite

cause we aint all nothing,
some of us have alot of heart,
and some us of us got a lot of scars
and some of us stay in doors or behind psycheward walls.
but we are all people,
and we are all real
and God is the truth, the devil no deal
and science is what a man uses to cook a meal
and nature, held me by the throat,
choked my life out down to boast
got me scheming towards the coast
to make my money but remain a ghost
cause i can make rhymes, in fourteen ways
crazy on the microphone, flip the page
they say its the end, but not today
got more hearts to heal, and more shit to break.