In front of an audience of my
Water rippled reflection…
Basking in the thunderous applause
Of your pulse, I listened to your breath
Enunciate your secrets with every exhale
That leaves your lips, and hits my skin.
The lights flicker, and as you walk away,

Rose is Rose Courtesy of Shabunawaz Photography ©2010

All I can see is your silhouette
Shadow-etched into this space,
Halogen light making love
To the relic of your presence.
You waltz… solo… careening through
Brick thick cigarette smoke in
An empty ballroom.
A single spotlight shines down from
A pitch black ceiling, billowing
Down to a solid white floor… bouncing brightness,
Blazing over-exposed effulgence like
A chasm to God’s face.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress

There is no music.
No horns blaring, but…
You dance.
You let the silence wash over
Your bones, your nerves are forming
Their own makeshift rhythms.
Your body is drifting in a river
Of nicotine smoke that is kissing the walls
Of your lungs.
You are vibrant…
Clothed in a shimmering blue dress,

The Third Rose Courtesy of Shabunawaz Photography © 2010

You are wearing an ocean wrapped around
Your hips, your moves are creating rip tides
For my eyes to follow.
And, now… I’m standing in the front
Of this dance floor.
The bartender isn’t letting
Me have any more drinks until I have this
One dance with you.