Oddball asks the Readers.


So our 100th post is approaching.  We are extremely excited about the future of Oddball Magazine.

Some may notice that there hasn’t been updates recently.  I have noticed too.

We at Oddball have taken time off to figure out whats next for Oddball.  And we have decided that the sky is the limit. However, we also discussed the lack of comments from our readers.    As founder of Oddball Magazine, I would like to ask all our readers, to write back to us. Tell us what you like about the magazine, what needs improving, and any ideas for the future of the magazine.   Why did you start coming to the magazine, what first excited you about the magazine, what keeps you coming back, and what can we change?

I am really interested in our readers.  Tell us what we can do to make this a better magazine for you. Thank you for your continuing support



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  1. Jason, I love your interviews. I love this rant on embalmed bodies. I love that I can just tune in and write to you. Have you noticed this, that it’s Mean Week?

    That’s why I want to say that I forgive you for waking me up before dawn (I live in the west) with your phone call to say that you couldn’t publish an excerpt of Burning Silk because it is erotic. I asked my readers who say that no more than 5% of Burning Silk is erotic. (Others say that every word drips with sensuality.) I’m working on the next novel in the trilogy Linen Shroud which is about war. You’re not going to want to excerpt that one either because it will be too hard. Goldilocks! I love oddball magazine.

    And since it’s Mean Week, can I say that Rebecca Solnit is creative nonfiction’s Joyce Carol Oates?
    Okay, it’s a little bit miaouw and I’m ready to admit it. Christ, the woman is prolific AND connected.

    All my best, and back to play,


    Mean Week, Brevity Style

    October 27th, 2010 § 5 Comments

    It is “Mean Week” over at HTMLGiant, which means the blogger folks say mean and provocative things about other writers and other magazines and other blogs and everyone gets all snarky in the comments and insults the original blog author, and in this way, if we understand correctly, everyone gets a good chuckle and site stats go through the roof. Oh, the internet is such a wonderful place.

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