In the clutches of greatness
Was a man who wanted to be famous
He sat there waiting so long
He could have been a waitress or a doctor
Cause man, did he have patience

He knew what he wanted to do
And people even invited him on
To shows or even showed him the printing press
Basically gave him the green light
But this dude could do nothing
cause he
Couldn’t trust the press
Or himself
Or the words that fell from his head
Directing the pen
Into obvious oblivian

This man was a mess
With a three on his chest
And a burden so heavy he could not lift it
Dude was cursed or gifted and
Couldn’t quite see it
His dad was
Over religious
And talked so much
About heaven and stuff
And basically fucked up the kids head enough
That he started doing drugs
Waiting for God to come
And when he finally did
He cured him for about a minute
Then gave the kid
Serious mental illness

And sent him to wander through consciousness
And left him to learn about the life he wanted to live
And all it did was complicate him

To the point that he could not live
And when he fell down
He always got up again

A poverty stricken poet
A psyche ward celebrity
A ghost in the forest

Writing poems
That he never meant to write
A truth he never wanted to realize

A mistake in the machine
a sullen starlit sky
Just a rock that keeps rolling
A radio song gone on too long

A over stretched welcome
And a letter never meant to be sent.

Letting the ink drip all over his set list.