That lady has sweet dance moves
Writing on the Roosed
Making my mind loose
Writing at the crest of a wave
Blinking twice
Who saves the saints when they come matchin in
At the beginning there was no movement
Twisted a link and started this shit
Now I got my mind undivided
And unwinded twice in a night
In a nautical mile I am running
With the best of a jazz man stunting
Keeping in check the june bugs floating in standing in a hello how you doing mode
The heat is kicking up and the sweat forms on my face blue junkies performing sentences with no back spaces
Getting in the mindset of a poet an illusionist<;before the second set
Listen to them Angels singing their song through microphone cables
good mind to let it all loose on the dance floor
Keeping in score the last losing space
Trust me I am lost and found but the mindless are too far gone to find this with nothing but an interrupted messenger
Broke my flow but ill be back when we are all together
All together
All together
All together in movement and motion
Keeping it calm we all stay on
And vibe to the music
Till the streets come a knocking
And the man kicks us out
Nah it is a view of us shuttlebugs
Just the view of a lost mind
Man, where you from

I firmed discern for the universe
I am onto it

Yeah find it, lick my licorice soul.
Where you from let the universe know

I am right here

Where are you
And are you