I listen to each synapse spark

in both my minds, and both my hearts

In all eight ventricles, I feel the blood mix with the ink

I feel the music saturate my soul.

and it feels good.

When i feel like this, the chemical abyss

turns into a longing kiss I feel on my eyelids

see right now, I’m comfortable

in a comfortable chair,

letting the music swell around me.

I wonder what I say when I let my mind silence itself

when the wheels start turning,

I don’t like what it says, so I keep on moving

and I try and move you.

Maybe with your approval, maybe with your approval,

I can listen to my own heart strings,

playing like a violin

waiting for the fire inside to rekindle

waiting for my eyes to deepen their gaze

waiting for the mind to stop swaying

like a gulf breeze

like palm trees

like the world in threes

all coming back to me.

in a oneness, that only I can see.

poetry over prophecy.

poetry over prophecy,

let the music swell around me,

listen you can hear it.



the heart beats poetry

my veins flow with ink

I will never die,

this is real music.

(listening to Sean Lennon, Handsome Boy Modeling School, the song is called Sunshine (Groove Armada Sunset Dub)