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It never stops by 3.14 (Cory Pie)

I’ve got ink in my veins

Cut open it drips like rain

Splashing the page with all my pain

Gushes from my soul like a water main

My blood fills in these lines and it will explain

If I try to bottle it my blood cells swell

When I spill it my story it will tell

I don’t need a pen just prick my finger

Once it hits the page it doesn’t linger

It moves on and on til the thought is gone

My writing makes me king and you the pawn

You see I have to write or I’m up til dawn

Thoughts circle and swirl all in my head

If I don’t write I’m walking like the waking dead

My soul is on the page my heart pumps lead

It’s my gift and my curse all wrapped into one

My words are stronger than a fifty caliber gun

Sometimes writing helps sometimes I want to run

I never make it far the page isn’t done

So I have to keep spilling til you get your filling

Usually my hands aren’t but my mind is willing

I spill my brain for the headache I’m killing

It gets so intense I stop making sense

I have to stop and unclog the vents

So I read my man Jay with the “Jagged Thought”

It helps me to remember what I forgot

People like us can never stop