“Yes, sir, that was exactly what I was thinking when I put the anchovies on your ceasar salad.” That’s what I said when, a customer last night commented on the position of the anchovies on his ceasar, and how they caused conflict with each other because they were not in a straight line, and one was crooked. He asked if I did that on purpose.

I I.D a customer the other day, who once again was over forty. When he seemed insulted, and his friends laughed at him, He said, “Jesus, I’m over 40.” I slapped him on the back and said “Your doing great!” In hindsight I shouldn’t have done that.

I recieved a great comment the other day. It was a tuesday. Now, usually I don’t receive great comments, in fact my last survey was about the shallow portion of a house insalata and how it wasn’t worth the 2.50 it was worth. But this time, I went out of my way. We don’t serve ketchup at the Tucc. There is really no reason to serve ketchup, because we use tomato sauce and what not. But the other day this customer wanted ketchup for his daughter, and her chicken and rigatoni. When I said we didn’t have any, “We don’t do ketchup here” he seemed upset. So after checking on my table, I thought to myself, “I’m gonna get him some ketchup.” I ran down to the nearest Dunkin Donuts, and grabbed him a handful of ketchup. It went over well. Ketchup goes a long way.

I woke up today and slammed down a 5 hour energy drink. Tonight, I have an open mic, and I should pay my bills, and also look for a job. yeah, thats about it. I might even write another blog today.

Thats about it, nothing new to report, except the anchovies, the ID and the Ketchup.

What if the guy asked for ketchup for his over 40 daughter who asked for anchovies for his ceasar in conflict? That would be one hell of a story.

Just another Jagged Thought by Jason.