O.k, so this is a little bit weird. Me and my girlfriend (or my girlfriend and I whatever you prefer) were cleaning out our living room closet the other night, and found something that we must have tried to hide along time ago, because it is incredibly creepy. It is a picture of an old woman, staring you dead in the face.We don’t know where the picture came from, but I swear this picture is haunting me wherever I go. I have these reoccurring dreams about an old woman’s house that I live in, that is haunted. Its so commonplace in my dreams that I don’t even get scared by it anymore. Anyway, we have this picture, and I was telling the guy at the corner store about it, because I talk to him about random stuff. He wants to see the picture, but I swear just staring at this picture, will haunt your dreams for the rest of your life.

We make jokes about it, but really this thing is creepy. We even are having a yard sale to get of rid of it. So if your interested in a creeptastic picture from beyond the grave, come to our yard sale.

Anyway, so last night, I was dreaming in a deep sleep, when something shook me out of bed, and I grabbed the pillow from underneath my girlfriends head, pretty aggressively, and it was pretty hilarious. She woke up instantly having no longer support for her prettyhead, and asked me why the hell I did that, we laughed, and I don’t know why, but I think it has something to do with this picture.

I really don’t know, I guess it was a you had to be there moment, and seriously not as funny to you, as it was to us. So closing off, when you have a picture that you don’t know where it came from, and you pull the pillow out from under your girlfriends head, it is time to get rid of the picture

so in closing

When a picture makes you have an impromptu yard sale, just to get rid of the damn thing, well then its time to move, or call an exorcist, or give it to your brother as a wedding gift.

just another jagged thought by jason