by “Clear Dew” Ibuse

Christmas tunes tinkling,
tinsel glitters on the tree,
bathed in twinkling light.

by “Clear Dew” Ibuse

The cold, white, deep snow,
glittering beneath the sun;
in time it must go

by “Clear Dew” Ibuse

The red cardinal,
at Christmas in a tree, flies
when his mate arrives.

“Clear Dew” Ibuse is a haiku poet of natural settings.


by “Wired Clues” Abe

The cars are backed up,
waiting to travel forward,
at the gas station

by “Wired Clues” Abe

Cat in the window.
breathing in the fresh, crisp air,
wants to go outside.

“Wired Clues” Abe is a poet of Japanese forms and English.


The Winter Solstice, 2020
by Seer Ablicadew

It was the Great Conjunction, Jupiter and Saturn, passed.
They made the Star of Bethlehem, seen once again—at last.
They won’t br seen like this again for near four hundred years,
not like they were two thousand years ago when they appeared.
The sirens blared, air horns were honked; the people made much noise,
an eve of jubilation, just some Solar System joys.
It was the Winter Solstice[ all was calm and all was bright.
as Jupiter supplanted Saturn in the dark of Night.
Amidst the jets and passing planes, it was so good to see
this tiny moment in the throes of vast eternity.

Seer Ablicadew is a half-blind, visionary poet! Apparently about 2000 years ago the Jupiter/Saturn configuration appeared several times, and to Western Asians, it was called it was called the Star of Bethlehem over the new-born baby Jesus. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happens every 397 years.


A Colour-Blond Society
And now it seems that Helen Keller bad “white privilege”,
although she’d never see or hear of it. Who is her judge.



Joe Biden has received congrats from all around World.
Rouhani says that he is happy. He can fly—the bird!
So many joined the chorus, Putin, Khan, the Saudi King,
Maduro, Bojo tweeting, Erdogan, and Xi Jinping.


Partying in Wuhan
by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

More than a thousand people reveled in Wuhan this week,
enjoying music with no masks or social distancing.
The virus Wuhan spawned was not on anybody’s mind,
at least in Wuhan where such thoughts were very hard to find.
The water park at Maya Beach was filled with partiers
in swimsuits waving to the beat; they love their guardians.
Some were relaxed on rubber tubes packed in the swimming pool.
No lockdown was in sight; Wuhan was rid of reg or rule.
Though over twenty million souls have gotten the disease,
it seems Wu Flu’s not now affecting partying Chinese.

UFC Has Banner Year
by Brad Lee Suciew

While sports across the Globe went dark from 2020’s start
the UFC continued through the year, mixed martial arts.
Its leader Dana White was blasted through the media;
but he said all they know is click-bate negativity.
What makes them experts? right? Have they accomplished anything?
Its leader Dana White said he could care less what they think.
They criticized him for attempting to bypass their No’s.
He built a venue called Fight Island to keep up the shows.
It generated many millions. Not one life was lost.
With covid tests, the jobs continued, pay-per-view raised costs.
He wasn’t manic, wouldn’t panic, he ran his business clean,
a dirty one, but cleaner than most governors have seen.

Brad Lee Suciew is a poet of business. UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship of MMA, Mixed Martial Arts.

The Masquerade of the Red Death
by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

The Red Death had long devastated the entire World.
No pestilence had ever been so hideous unfurled.
Blood was its Avatar, accompanied by sharpest pains.
It was the Nightmare Death-in-Life and came with scarlet stains.
One night, the Great Prospero held a Masquerade for all.
the people everywhere. It was a grand fantastic Ball.
A Mummer came for merrymaking to the festival,
He was a man named Oxiram, and he was dark and tall.
He had come like a thief in night, as many came to fall.
He was Red Death, extending his dominion over all.

Lu “Reed ABCs” is a poet of China. This tennos draws on short-story writer Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849). Oxiram is feared from Sydney to London, from Miami to Hong Kong.


Bernhard Riemann
by Euclidrew Base

His father was a Lutheran, a pastor of his flock;
He grew up in the wake of Bach, of Kant and cuckoo-clock.
For further schooling he was sent to his grandmother’s house,
Hanover streets and fields, far from his village home, and Gauss.
But when she died, he then was sent next off to Lüneburg
proceeding through Legendre’s gooney bird and juniper.
Back home at nineteen, he could go on forth to Göttingen
theology and mathematics, pathways to the Sun.
Off to Berlin, to Göttingen, trips in a one-horse sleigh
Gauss, Eisenstein, Jacobi,Weber, shades of Dirichlet.
Before tuberculosis hit, he was in work immersed,
unraveling geometry and number theory realms.
His fertile mind impressing Dedekind and Weierstrass,
contributing so many things, o, he was fired up,
from complex fields, differentials, and analysis
his thoughts so integral, from physics to hypothesis.
He married in his last few years; a daughter came to be,
while back and forth for health, from Germany to Italy.

Euclidrew is a poet of math. Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866) was an inspiring German mathematician who dies at forty years of age, living longer than most of his five siblings. Tuberculosis was a 19th Century plague. In the 20th Century is was all but eradicated; in the USA; however, due to migration TB cases are up. In 2019, there were 8912 reported cases, with over 10,000,000 Americans living with latent TB..


The Fellow Traveling Explorer
by Rauc Bewel Edusi
“the steep temptation of this bluff”
—Mau Loa, “Thy Hand”

He was a mis-er-a-ble wretch, but still he tried his best
to face each test, such mountain peaks, he would come up against.
He’d climb as high as he could go, and struggle forward to
reach ever higher, ever finer, newer points of view.
But he was not like as an antisocial mountaineer;
He longed to meet his fellow man and company compeer.
O, he could hope some fellow followers could get some help
at statuesque alp mountain pass or other happenstance.
Perchance a fellow traveler would find unburied tracks
to aid him on his way along, to place in his packsack.

A Slender Silver Strand
by Rauc Bewel Edusi

He got into the lotus pose in thé cab óf a truck.
He leaned back into darkness, as if he were out of luck.
He closed his eyes amid dark skies. He could not see the moon.
He felt constrained because he didn’t have a lot of room.
He felt like he’d been whisked up and spread out against the sky.
How could he be content? He was a very crowded guy.
And so he sat in time’s embrace with very little hope.
stuck in a truck cab meditating on how he could cope.
And then he saw a silver lining, a thin, shining strand,
like as a necklace gleaming on a neck’s perfect command.

Rauc Bewel Edusi is a poet of jewels and geology.


Democracy Dies in the Dark
By Brice U. Lawseed
“Even Athens condemned Socrates to death.”
—Esiad L. Werecub

Democracy dies in the dark—in wee hours of the night—
when men and women are in graves, dead to the World’s plight.
Demonic rats and wild cats sneak through the bat-dense deep.
Elections shall be stolen from the people as they sleep
And death shall have Dominion; he shall take It for his own,
and lay it down across the land to steal soul from bone.
And he shall be defiant, rising like a giant storm.
In urban sites galore, democracy shall be no more.
Democracy dies in the dark; his press is weaponized;
and death shall have Dominion, as his goals are realized.

Brice U. Lawseed is a poet of politics. Socrates (c. 370 BC – 399 BC) was a Greek philosopher.


In the New Millennium
by Seer Ablicadew

Caught in the New Millennium, he could not get away.
He’d have to be there till he dropped. O, he would have to stay.
He felt beset by challenges, upon each side of him,
as if he had to battle forces, fierce and savage men.
He longed for sweet tranquility; but he would have to face
Surrounding nasty knaves or a dictator mean and base.
He never could embrace that fate, but he could not escape;
The New Millennium was here, and he would have to pay.
And so, he lay back in to it. O, where else could he go?
He’d have to go forth down that long and everlasting road.

Seer Ablicadew is a half-blind visionary!