by “Wired Clues” Abe

Like a tornado,
a huge swarm of ladybugs
comes down the highway,
infesting the new-built house,
lasting for decades.

“Wired Clues” Abe is a poet of English words, Japanese forms and New Millennial technology/


North Korean Pet-Dog Confiscation
          by Dae Wi “Scrub” Lee

The country farthest from capitalism is no doubt,
the land of North Korea, DPRK—not the South.
It is a country free of neon, ads and Amazon;
it is ruled by their fearless and dear leader, Kim Jong-un.
He’s cracking down on owning dogs; he wants them all for food;
such capitalist decadence, he thinks is bad, not good.
He issued a ban on pet ownership just recently,
for it is tainted capiltalist ideology.
Dear leader, Kim Jong-un is there to help with firm command,
as North Korea ‘s staving off starvation in his land.

Dae Wi “Scrub” Lee is a poet of Korea. Due to the Chinese spawned coronavirus, in April 2020, the first Chinese city to ban eating cats and dogs was Shenzhen, the urban metro area north of Hong Kong of around 20,000,000.


Chinese Hackers, Li Xiaoyu and Dong Jiazhi
          by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

The plain, rectangular, white building standing in Guangzhou,
that housed Dong Jiazhi within, and too Li Xiaoyu,
the latter known by handle oro-zero-one-x-y [Oro01xy],
the former also wanted by the US FBI,
for hacking companies related to their land’s defense,
and spying on the Falun Gong and other dissidents.
Ironic’lly they also are involved in targeting
coronavirus studies and research, by pilfering.
More than two dozen victims, South Korea and EU,
Australia to America. Who’s phishing off Peru?

Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei is a poet of China. Guangzhou, like Hong Kong is a south Chinese city. It has a population of around 14,000,000.


A Lotus Position Insight
          by Sri Wele Cebuda

He got into the lotus pose, his head stretched way up high.
He spread his legs out to each side, a hand upon each thigh.
He felt at home. He hummed his OM. The hombre was at peace.
He was excited and anticipating ecstasy.
His inner eye was open wide. He looked up to the sky.
He longed to be connected to a cosmic charge—this guy.
He felt as if some forceful power came into his soul.
Upon the clean and bright, white sheet, he felt complete and whole.
But would he find enduring insight where the mind could roam,
like as at old Ashoka’s Stupa, India’s stone dome?

Sri Wele Cebuda is a poet of Inida. The Great Stupa at Sanchi is in the “central province” of India, Madhya Pradesh. Ashoka (304 BC – 232 BC) was an Indian emperor of the Maurya dynasty.


Belated , Underrated Justice
          by Beiruc al-Wesed

In Netherlands, a UN-backed tribunal, Tuesday, found
that terrorists from Hezbollah had mowed Hariri down,
assassinated by a suicidal maniac
directed by Salim Jamil Ayyash in his attack.
Rafic Hariri had been murdered in 2005;
three others too convicted for the taking of his life.
Hezbollah has tried hard to disenfranchise Lebanon
by polarizing in the country nearly everyone.
The culprits were tried in absentia for the homicide,
the country reeling still, and now the government resigned.

Beiruc al-Wesed is a poet of Lebanon.


The Abraham Accord
          by Secwer el-Dubai

To Israel and the United Emirates, peace comes.
Full diplomatic ties will be forthcoming in these months.
The two will normalize relations, transportation too.
Across the Globe reactions came with diff’rent points of view.
Since after Egypt long ago, and Jordan also did,
this is the third Arabian land recognizing it.
The EU thought the move was good, but Palestine did not.
The two were brought by Trump together in this treaty sought.
Iran despised the new historic deal viciously.
The leaders of Iran treat both lands most perniciously.

Secwer el-Dubai is a poet of the Arabian coast. His favourite movie is Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which takes place in Moscow, Dubai, and Mumbai, at a time when no everyone was wearing masks due to the Wu Flu plague.


Coop Himmelsb(L)au
          by Ewald E. Eisbruc

We want an architecture that will offer more,
that bleeds, exhausts, that turns, and even breaks…the mould,
that glows, that stabs, that tears and rips, when stretched, will soar,
an architecture that’s precipitous and bold,
that’s smooth and fiery, that’s hard and angular.
that’s round and brutal, tender, colourful and cold,
obscene and randy, dreamy and irregular,
en-nearing, distant, wet and dry, heart-stopping too,
unusual and slanting, deconstructive, annular,
dynamic, expressionistic, a blazing coop,
surprising, crumpled, off, a whirling dynamo,
cooperative building, heavenly and blue.

Ewald E. Eisbruc is a poet of German art and architecture. Himmelsb(L)au was founded in 1968. It is active in architecture and urban planning in Vienna, Austria. The poem is a bilding [sic], and according to Beau Lecsi Werd, “en-nearing” is a neologism which implies drawing closer—not social distancing. So much changes in half a century.


A Quiet Evening
          by SubCIA Weedler

It was a quiet evening. He was outside in the car.
He looked behind his shoulder’s left side. He could go so far.
In front of him, there stood a house, the French doors at the back.
His head turned from the corrugated wall. The night was black.
He thought to go out for a drive with but one passenger,
a sassy jerk, a massive German man and messenger.
His eyes were concentrated on a sweep of secrecy.
A pigeon hovered round the edges of sweet ecstasy.
The spy was coming in out of the warm war where he’d been.
The beauty of the evening was reclining in the win-d.

SubCIA Weedler is a poet of espionage. The television show “Danger Man” with Patrick McGoohan, was a progenitor of one of his favourite TV shows—surreal, kaleidoscopic “The Prisoner”.


Vaccine Development
          by Dr. Weslie Ubeca

Around the World many vaccines are developing,
More than one-hundred not in trials yet are galloping.
There are this moment twenty vaccines testing dosages,
as well as testing safety, and what each one presages.
Eleven vaccines now are in expanded safety trials.
The people of the Planet wait for them to fill their files.
Eight vaccines, yes, are in large scale efficacy tests,
as billions on the Globe are wondering which are the best.
And finally, as of this instant two are now approved
for early human testing, but still limited in use.

Dr. Weslie Ubeca (not a medical doctor) is a poet of medicine. Five types of vaccines being developed include genetic, viral vector, protein based, whole virus, and repurposed.


Jason and the Oddballnauts
          by Cadwel E. Bruise

Ah, see them moving through the gloom. They sail doggedly.
It’s Jason and the Oddballnauts. They seek a golden fleece.
Chad is the first mate, facing mad Bukowski undertows.
In waves the words continue on in poetry and prose.
A part of all that they have met as they move farther on;
they travel down new avenues of news and dues each dawn.
They keep on gleaning what they can from the eternal dark,
amongst the stars of blasting sparks, so brutal, crass and stark.
Occasionally they may see a gleaming, golden fleece,
appearing when they’re nearing it, like sun rays in the East.

Cadwel E. Bruise is a poet of New England. Henry Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) was a Postmodern German-American poet and prosist


Furnace Creek, August 16, 2020
          by Cal Wes Ubideer

The temp’rature was rising at Death Valley’s Furnace Creek;
130 Fahrenheit, the hottest of the week.
It was the hottest place on Earth since 1931,
The tall thermometer had risen underneath the Sun.
At over 54 degrees in Celsius it was
third hottest ever taken and recorded. Serious?
In 1913, Furnace Creek was hotter—even more.
It holds the World’s record at 134.
The second place is at Kebili in Tunisia,
all records three, an honor which is highly dubious.

Cal Wes Ubideer is a poet of California. The population of Furnace Creek, California, is approximately two dozen.