This episode has a comedy skit within as well as a music video by the Massachusetts Emcee Jus Enuf. Steve and Craig also asked friends and strangers while meandering around Cambridge to ask them a question on a piece of paper, without them seeing it. They pulled the questions out of a special guests hat and answered them live. What Do You Think?



Jus Enuf aka Craig Hard is an artist out of Cambridge Ma. Whose mediums vary from photography, illustration, music and poetry. He is also the producer, editor and co-host of the CCTV program “What Do You Think?”. He has music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Steve Warren is a veteran, recovering addict, a peer specialist and is Reiki II certified who was old at 40 and is getting younger every day at 54. He is a self taught Naturalpathic Self Healer and is the co-host of “What Do You Think?”. He changed his diet started dancing, writing and performing poetry and hasn’t stopped healing since.