See this is a scene

“The Blue Sphere” Shahnawaz Achhiwala © 2010

Where dreams take shape

Shift like riots on tv

Where the walrus speaks

And says.

“We are nothing but arms and legs

We are nothing but spikes and pegs”

Drugs and dreads

“We are nothing but what we say we said

And what we did.”

“We are nothing but a gang of green

We are nothing but imbetween”

A flashing icon on a computer screen

We are everything , but the battery”

We are empty, but the weather man

Says Tuesday will shine

suntans and mammograms

a cancer in the stand

A cancer in the stand

A wave of water

With leftover fathers

And microwave mothers

“We are the imbetween

Of a street sign that lights

Neon. And a black and white


That speaks clingon

Wears nylon

And grows everlong

through a towering massive building

we are nothing and everything.

we are the kings and queens of this fair city

we are the gas and you are the match.

“The Blue Sphere” Shahnawaz Achhiwala © 2010