My best to andy and his soon to be wife

Andy I never told you this but some of the best times of my life

We’re spent on Erin drive

Where we played baskeyball till the street lights came on

And kept the friendship as life went on
And as life tends to do

Friends were made and friends passed on

But the whole time I knew
That You would make it through

Weve all dealt with problems some with a lot
I’m not gonna lie

But hard times come and hard times go
But through it all

Ever little lesson life hands us
Is a stepping stone

To grow

And here we are
Kristin the beautiful bride
And you got your friends by your side

Do it right

Your husband is a special guy
And I wish you all the best in life

I know through the toughest and calmest seas you weather

You’ll make it together

I’m glad that Andy and Kristin
And all of our friends and family are around to see this moment

And watch this loveglow
Like two bright shining lights

Two joined together
This is the sweetest part of life

To see your best friend and his bride
All our friends and people in our lives

Celebrating such a joyous time

Your marrying a special guy
And andy your a lucky man

Salut cheers to whatevers in front of you

This is the best, yet the best is still to come

Two lives wandering found each other
To love and life from all of us

With love

Cheers to the bride and groom

Health love and happiness

I wish you both the best

Love like this only happens once a life time

Do it right
To the bride and groom
And a love and happiness
For the rest of their lives

I love you both