Photography © Kaleb Wilson



Night, walking back home
roofs outlined by yellow streetlights
trains rattle and hum
in this oven hot summer your thoughts
are lost in today’s book

you have neglected to notice
the stranger walking up behind you
strange mistake for a city girl
this time forgiven
he passes by


Chaos and the Void

Five hundred thousand miles an hour we all turn around
a black maw at galactic central that swallows worlds
lunches on stellar archipelagoes.

Sixty six thousand miles an hour the Sun swings our Earth around
yet a layer of grey moistness in my sky today
stops her nuclear furnace from warming my bones.

One thousand miles an hour we stand here spinning round
as day goes to night. Trees, birds, panthers, aardvarks, us,
all patternings brought out of entropy, chaos and the void.


Kim Whysall-Hammond is an avid reader who grew up in London but now lives where the skies are much darker. She has worked as an Astronomer, in Climate Research and in Telecommunications, all chosen because she was told they were not suitable for a woman. She hid her poetry for many years, in case it made her seem like a girly-girl.

Kaleb Wilson lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The natural Beauty of his home state provides constant inspiration for his short stories, poetry and photography. As does his family, friends and hobbies such as hiking, biking and Martial arts.